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Language Tuning

A professional looking website isn't just about the layout and graphics. The information on it needs to be presented in a clear and understandable way and create an impression of competence. If the text doesn't make sense or has sloppy grammar and spelling, it ain't going to inspire confidence in users, who may be potential customers.

Proof reading

If writing isn't your forté, we can edit your English to produce a clearer and more professional version without jargon, poor spelling and confused punctuation.

Poor translations

Not too happy with the Spanglish, Norwenglish or Franglais your website has been translated into? If you're not a native English speaker and have had your website translated from another language into English, we can turn poor translations into good clear English.

Language versions

Want to target a version of your American English website at a British audience? It has been said that the UK and the USA are divided by a common language, as not all common expressions mean the same thing in both languages. We can edit it and change the spellings and expressions into British English, removing possible misunderstandings and "localising" it.

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