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Web site graphics

Image preparation and optimisation

Much of the data required to display a web page in your browser may be in the form of image files, either graphics or photographs. If these files are very large, they can slow down loading of a page considerably, or if not properly optimised the images may be poor in quality.

Preparing images can include:

Optimising images for clarity and bandwidth/download efficiency is accomplished by:

You can do this yourself using a graphics/image processing application. Alternatively you can make use of Square-Sun's image preparation and optimisation service.


Need a logo for your website? Square Sun can modify your existing logo or design one from scratch. In either case it will be optimised for web-use and can be made available in a variety of sizes and formats.


Square-Sun can design an eye-catching banner, static or animated, to be used to link to your website. If required it can be supplied in several formats together with the code needed to display each on a third party's website.